Transtel Superkey



DESCRIPTION:     while the system clock is highly accurate, it may be desirable at certain times to set the date and time on the system. Any station that is defined as a system console (operator) may set the time as per the directions below.



1.  Press {PGM], [HOLD].

2.   LCD will display:                  Date mm-dd-yyOl

                                                Time hh:mmDayD



Where mm-dd-yy &e month (01-12) - day (01-31) - year (00-99) and hh:mm is hour (00-24): minute (00-59) and D is Day of Week


Day of Week:     0=Sunday, 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3--Wednesday, 4=Thursday,

                         5--Friday, 6=Saturday



3.  Enter the information for all fields and press.


4.  Your LCD will update with the next use of your phone.



Note:    If you are not defined as a system console, the above procedures will allow you to set a Wake Up or Station Reminder for your own station.