Telrad Digital Telephone System



Must be programmed from Operatorís Station.

Must complete all steps including entering date.

This will change the time on all phones.


Executive Set With 2 X 24 display (small display)


1. Press [FEAT]

2. Dial 8 2

3. The display shows the current time.

4. Enter four digits for current time (00 to 23 for hours and 00 to 59 for minutes.)

5. Enter two digits for the date (01-31).

6. Enter two digits for the month (01-12).

7. Enter two digits for the year (00-99). The display shows the digits as you enter them.

8. Press [SPKR]. The new time and date are displayed.


If you hear an error tone, check that you have entered the correct number of digits for each element of the time and date.




Telrad Version 3.0 and later:

Changing the time on the phone system automatically changes the time on the Voice Mail System.