Telrad Avanti Telephone System


***Must be programmed from the operators station.

***All steps must be completed, including entering date,

      before the new settings will be saved.

*** This will change the time on all Telephones.


Press the first softkey under the digital display icon that resembles the following picture.



Press the same softkey, which will now have an icon resembling a clock.                                       


·        Dial the correct time, using “HH:MM” in 24 hour format.


            Example: 3:15pm would be entered as 1515.

            Must be entered as a four digit number 8:30 would be entered as 0830.


Must enter date as well at this time, otherwise the new time entry will not be accepted. See the following steps to complete the operation.



·        Dial the correct date, using “DD:MM:YY” format.

In other words enter the day of the month, followed by the month, and then the last two digits of the year.

            Example: March 29th, 2000 would be entered as: 290300.



Press the second softkey from the left (Save Icon) that resembles the following icon.