Avanti 3025
The top of the Avanti line features the full-size graphic display with icon interface, 29 programmable buttons, 16 softkeys, mouse operation and a full duplex speakerphone.


Avanti 3020F and 3020H
These stations have a four-line, 24-character display. On the 3020, one line is dynamic, showing day, date, time and call status. The others are for menu items, activated by the six softkeys on either side of the display. Both 3020 sets have 24 programmable buttons. The 3020F has a full duplex speakerphone, the 3020H has a half-duplex speakerphone.



Avanti 3015DF and 3015DH
These telephones have a two-line, 20-character display. One line is dynamic,like the 3020, the other is for menu items activated by three softkeys below the display. There are 19 programmable buttons, and a full duplex speakerphone on the 3015DF, half-duplex on the 3015DH.



Avanti 3015H
Where a display is unnecessary, the 3015H gives you 19 programmable buttons that can be used for speed dial, DSS, as line keys, or to access anyfeature. It also features Telrad's hot dialpad, and a high-quality speakerphone.



Avanti 3000
Even the most economical Avanti station offers advanced capabilties, including handsfree answerback, onhook dialing and four-button programmability, in addition to the hot dialpad and nine fixed-function keys.


ImaGEN LE64 Voice Mail


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