March 28th, 2003



Ref: Telephony Division



Dear Valued Customer


OneSource Building Technologies (formerly Long Communications Group) has made a strategic business decision to discontinue operations of its' Telephone Integration and Service group. This will allow us to concentrate in our core Sound and Audio-Visual Services.


We appreciate that you have been our customer and that you entered into that relationship in good faith that we would provide you with on going service and support. In light of this recent decision, we have arranged for continuing service to be provided by TeleData Services at the address below. TeleData has been in the telecommunications integration and service industry for many years and has an excellent reputation. Your systems will continue to be serviced by factory certified technicians, with continuance of existing warranty and service contracts.


We thank you for your past confidence and believe that you will continue to have highly professional integration and service support through TeleData Services. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.





Spencer Bullins