Coral Message Center
The Coral Message Center brings the power and flexibility of unified messaging to your office communications. With voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext and facsimile functions, it provides fully integrated messaging via the telephone and complete control over calls and messages from the desktop computer. The Coral Message Center features:
· Quick Keys
· Multi-Step Forwards supported
· Special Delivery options
· Multiple personalized greetings
· Subscriber controlled groups, message delivery, call screening, call holding, directory listing
· Message editing
· Alpha and numeric directory
· Fax detect, routing, & notification
· Message rewind, pause, and fast forward
· Remote maintenance
· And many, many more!

Coral SL
The Coral SL, the smallest member of the world-renowned Coral ISBX family, delivers an unrivaled combination of leading-edge technologies. The Coral SL offers complete ISDN capabilities for communicating over ATM, Frame Relay, IP, or PSTN networks for voice, data and video. Coral SL users can make the most of networked features such as computer network connectivity, Caller ID, centralized voicemail, camp-on, automatic routing, voice page over the network and much more.

Coral FlexSet 280 Series
The FlexSet 280 series of digital voice terminals delivers high performance voice communications with elegant style and comfort. The flexibility of the FlexSet 280 is apparent in the design-providing 26 or 28 programmable buttons for lines or features with expansion to 148 buttons. The large liquid crystal display (LCD) presents easy to read call progress and feature confirmation information.



Flexicom User Manual



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